Scarves are one of my favourite accessories, probably because I feel the cold so much – my husband does say I’d be freezing in 30 degrees ????!  But that aside, I also think that adding a scarf to your outfit is a great way to:

  • add a pop of colour
  • make you appear taller
  • help you look more ‘put together’
  • keep you cosy – very important in winter????

Even though many of us are working from home and have perhaps adopted a more relaxed style of late, if you’re doing business over zoom with customers or colleagues, it’s important to look competent and professional.  Quickly adding a scarf over a plain top or sweatshirt can achieve a more ‘put together’ look.  One of my top tips, if it works with the rest of your outfit, is to pick a colour that matches the outer ring of your eyes. It’s a great way to make them sparkle ????

One of my fab clients said she loves the idea of scarves but struggles to get them to look right. With that in mind I’ve put together a little video to give you some inspiration .

If you’d like to discover which scarf colours would make you look fantastic or learn how to look a little more ‘put together’, call me to chat about a Colour or Style consultation. I love helping my clients learn to dress with confidence every day.

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