Do you worry about meeting up with girlfriends (when we could!????) becuase somehow they always look more stylish?  Do you stuggle to ‘put together’ an outfit which feels comfortable and you?  Honestly it’s not that difficult, you just need to follow some simple steps.  For me creating an outfit is just like baking a Victoria Sponge Cake????????

There are three main elements to your creation:

  • The Sponge – this is the base of your cake that you add everything else to and in outfit terms these are your Neutrals.
  • The Filling – the really yummy stuff ???? is the Colour or Colours that glue together your neutrals.
  • The Decoration – the extra details you add to complete your creation are your Accessories. This can be as minimal as a dusting of icing sugar, or full-on showstopper with lots of strawberries, sugar flowers and a ribbon.


Neutrals are base colours that easily tone with many other colours. Black is often thought to be the universal neutral which goes with everything but there are many other beautiful neutrals that you can choose. Black is a cool colour and it’s important to select a neutral from the same palette as your other colours. Do you already have some of the other neutral options below?

Neutral Options

Black and bright white only suit those with a cool undertone to their skin which enables them to wear these high contrast colours without looking washed out. If you’ve a warm complexion, navy or brown will be more flattering. You may be able to work out which neutrals work best for you by holding different coloured garments just under your chin. Check out the difference between black and navy or brown. Focus on your eyes, do they sparkle more and does your skin look clearer, are smile lines less evident with one particular shade?


This is where the fun begins and dressing with colour is a fab way to show who you are, reveal your personality. Colour also impacts us emotionally, supporting or boosting our mood when we need it. Top tips are:

  • Whichever colours you choose, make sure they tone together with each other and your neutral.  They should look easy on the eye, not be shouting at each other.
  • Wear some colour close to your face, either with a top, scarf or jewellery.
  • If you’re choosing more than one colour think about whether you prefer contrast or a more tonal look.
  • The lightest colour of any outfit draws the eye to that area, so be sure you’re happy for that to be the case.
  • For inspiration of which colours go together, look no further than mother nature ????????????.
Natural Inspiration


One of the reasons we often find ourselves in a style rut is by wearing the same old thing. This is as equally true of our accessories as it is of our clothes. Swapping out your accessories is the easiest ways to change up an outfit and it’s these little details that can elevate a basic look to being super stylish. Things to consider:

  • Choose accessories that are personal to you, this is the first step of creating your individual style.
  • Build up slowly.  Don’t add every accessory you have in one go or you’ll risk looking like a toddler playing at dressing up.
  • Earrings and shorter necklaces will draw the eye to your face.
  • Long necklaces create a vertical line making you look leaner and taller.
  • Scarves and bags are a fab way to add a real pop of colour.
  • Feet matter!  Getting your shoes right can make or break an outfit so don’t just slip on any old thing.

So, have fun baking your own style of Victoria Sponge with as much or little filling and decoration as you feel comfortable with ????.  Remember not everything has to match but they do need to go. Keeping things in warm or cool colour families is a good place to start.


If you’ve been struggling to look ‘put together’ why not book a style consultation with me.  I can help you find your natural style which makes you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.  Give me a call now to find out more ???????? 

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