I found my first conker this morning whilst walking in Harewood Forest and as the turning leaves announce the changing season, I couldn’t help but feel excited about the beautiful colours we’ll see around us in the coming weeks. I just love autumn 12. As greens turn to brown, orange and flame red, the landscape becomes vibrant with nature’s last fiery fiesta before we move to the coolness of winter.

There’s nothing better than a Sunday dog walk scuffing along through the fallen leaves, watching Harley (possibly the daftest spaniel on earth! ????) look quizzical as they catch and hang from his ears.

It’s not only the colours in nature that we’ll see change, the colours in the shops, or rather on our phones and tablets (the new normal for shopping!), will be changing too. As cosy jumpers and snuggly scarves replace the light summer shorts and t-shirts, it’s a great time to check out what gaps we have in our wardrobes. Just what do you need to get you through the cooler months and what colours will you choose?


Colours to suit all palettes

Now some of you who’ve had a seasonal colour analysis, particularly Summers and Springs, may be thinking ‘damn it! – time for those depressing dark colours again which do absolutely nothing for me ????’. It’s true the colours of clothes in the shops do mirror nature’s seasons, but don’t worry because there is actually something for everyone out there.

Twice a year the ‘in colours’ that we can expect to see on the catwalk and in shops are announced. The big reveal of what we’ll be able to buy is always exciting and here’s what’s in store (no pun intended!) for the autumn-winter 2020/21 season.

Colour Analysis - Colours for Spring

Colours for Springs

It’s a good time of year for Springs to stock up on some beautiful key pieces (jackets, coats & trousers) in Sheepskin. Hugely versatile, this fantastic neutral will blend with your entire wardrobe. Then add a pop of colour with tops and accessories in warm Mandarin Red.

Colours for Summers

For Summers it’s the same story, a time to focus on your neutrals to work in harmony with your lighter pastel colours. Sleet is a cool versatile grey to team with pinks, mauves and blues whilst Burnt Henna closely resembles a muted burgandy. Perfect with soft greys, pinks and flint.

Colour Analysis- Colours for Summer
Colour Analysis - Colours for Autumn

Colours for Autumns

With it being your season, it’s a fab time for Autumns to go shopping. The rich and earthy Military Olive is perfect to tone with other greens, beiges and browns. If you feel like a bolder contrast for a change, it goes equally well with Exuberance.

Colours for Winters

Winters tend to love a dramatic contrast between their colours and what better combination than deep Dress Blues alongside the almost icy Jet Stream. Dress Blues in particular would be a great choice for a winter coat or jacket with a Jet Stream scarf or jumper contrasting underneath.

Colour Analysis - Colours for Winters

Full palette of colours you can expect to see this season


Colour Analysis - Full Colour Palette for the season

Obviously clothes designers and manufacturers will have their own take on these colours and, until you have a garment in your hands, it’s not clear whether Strong Blue will be be bright and warm enough for a Spring or cooler for a Winter. Which is why it’s so important to use your swatch when you shop. Remember to check that any new garment matches an exact colour or blends beautifully with your palette. That way you’ll be building a wardrobe full of clothes that go together, making it simpler to create fantastic outfits which make you feel fab!

Does the thought of a load of new colours in the shops fill you with dread? Would you like to know which of this season’s new colours will look fab on you? A Colour Analysis Consultation would help you do just that. The secret is to understand which palette of colours flatters your natural skin tone and will work together to create outfits that make your eyes shine and skin glow. It’s incredibly uplifting and makes shopping so much easier ????.

I love helping women discover what colours and styles naturally work for them. Read about it here or call me now for a chat to find out more.


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