Do you prefer to keep your outfits relatively simple with one colour per garment, or would you secretly love to incorporate more print and pattern? Pattern is a great way to add interest to your outfit so here are a few tips on how to make pattern work for you.




  • Firstly, make sure any patterns you choose harmonise with your scale. If you have a small frame go for a small sized pattern otherwise it will overwhelm you.  The pattern on my husband’s shirt is simply too big for me ????


Pattern Size
Adding a scarf to an outfit




  • Start small,  add one patterned item first, making sure that one colour in the pattern matches to another item in your outfit. Adding a scarf is a good way to begin.




  • Start off with one pattern on your top half and one on your bottom.
  • Match the colour not the patterns, make sure they share one common colour.
Spotted skirt & stripped top
Layered Patterns for blog





  • Once you’re more confident you can start to layer them up.  It’s best to have one pattern that dominates, either due to it’s size or colour and keep the rest to a similar scale.

The key thing, as with anything to do with your natural style, is to have fun and make it personal to you.

If you’d like to develop your personal style but aren’t sure how to go about it, why not book a Style Consultation.  Give me a call now to chat about what’s involved ????????.

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