This month I’m looking at ways to add the all important accessories to your outfits. Now, for someone like me who’s a magpie and drawn to all things sparkly it’s quite natural ✨???? but don’t worry if that’s not your thing. There’s a whole bunch of items that you can add to your outfit to take it from so-so to super stylish.

Hats, hairbands & clips, glasses & sunnies, earrings, piercings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, rings & toe rings, scarves, belts, bags and shoes & boots all count as accessories. To create what I call a ‘put together’ look, do take time to choose what you’re adding to an outfit.

  • What shape is it, does it compliment your bodyline?
  • What size is it, is it in proportion with you?
  • What colour is it, does it match or contrast with your clothes?
  • Does it say something about you?
  • Does it help create the style you want to have?

Ways to Combine Accessories

Here are four different ways that you can add accessories to your outfit ????

1. Keep it Neutral

If you’re not confident then start off by playing it safe by keeping your accessories in a neutral colour.  Adding brown boots, belt, bag and earrings to this blue dress keeps it simple and classy. 

Neutral Accessories

2. Colour Match

In this outfit purple earrings match to the trousers while the shoes and watch go with the jumper to create a bit more variety.


3. Add a Pop of Colour

Introducing a third colour to an outfit is a fab way to add a pop of colour. The warm coral of the sandals, earrings and bracelet go beautifully with both the oatmeal top and soft aqua jeans.



4. Pattern Match

Another option is to replicate a pattern in your clothing in the accessories you choose. With this one a pink leopard print bag matches the dress and the grey shoes tone beautifully with the rest of the outfit.

As with anything to do with your indiviudal style just have a play with different things until you find what works for you.  Accessories are actually a great way to sprinkle in your personality, so have a think about what you love and chose items that say something about who you are.


I cover how to find your individual style in my Style Consultations which are designed to help you dress with confidence every day.  If you’d like to find out more, get in touch for a chat ????????

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